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I have worked in multiple states, been the director of multiple levels of geriatric living (ILF/ALF/SNF), been the clinical director for a durable medical equipment company, but the one thing that always calls me back in my career is my personal desire to help people get better through my treatment.  I've seen a lot in my career, from the ICU to Drug Addiction work, but the one common factor across all rehabilitation treatment is the lack of time and focus on the person and the use of holistic approaches.  Since 2012, I have dedicated my professional life to finding answers for neurological ailments, driven by a common mindset amongst my clients

"My disease is something I have to live with."


I see it too often in our current, insurance-driven medical system - someone treated like a symptom or a dollar sign ($) and not a person.  I believe that one common factor missing from typical neurorehabilitation is the client themselves and ALL that they embody.   For true recovery to occur, the multiple layers of the human body must be addressed and worked on simultaneously.  One factor influences another.  Taking medication, or doing the bare minimum, results in minimal recovery.

My comprehensive approach to physical rehab addresses the person as a whole - their emotions, their support group, their mindset, their physical nature, and their environment.  A person is not an illness or ailment, though many identify by this title.  I keep my personal passion and dedication to my clients ensuring that every interaction results in a step forward in the recovery process.  I want your success and eat, sleep, and breathe your recovery to get you there.

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Dr. Scott Thompson, OTD, MOT, OTR/L, CSRS, LSVT BIG

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