Back to School with the Kids!

Back to School and Children

Vacation is over and it’s time to get the kids ready for another fun-filled and challenging school year. The greatest challenge during this moment is the children’s vulnerability to infections as they get back into the classroom and around other kids and adults, and they need time to get used to the new routine for the new school year. These things can affect their performance at school and at home. It is our responsibility to make sure that they go to school equipped with sufficient energy and they come home feeling good.

One of the toughest parts in preparing your kid for school is their bedtime routine. Always remember that getting a good night’s sleep is paramount in staying healthy and it keeps the stress levels lower throughout the day. To create more ease with this process, start changing their sleeping routine one or two weeks ahead before the start of the school year. Use calming activities like reading a book or playing with easy toys in bed but do not let them play with electronics because this can disrupt their sleep leaving them tired the following day.

Before they go to school, prepare a healthy and delicious breakfast for your kids to reinforce their body with nutrients safeguarding them from potential health risks. If they don’t have the appetite for eating solids, you can create a healthy smoothies and protein shakes for them – if you need help or advice or event a high quality whole food based protein powder, email us and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Healthy consumption of good foods doesn’t end at home. Pack them up with healthy snacks full of nutrients such as sandwich using whole grain organic sprouted breads. For their lunches, a protein meat sided with veggies and a piece of fruit is a good way to go! 

We may want our kids to be physically healthy, but let us not forget that they also need our affections and support. Let us be there for them in every step of the way and let them enjoy life to the fullest!