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Our Mission at Lime and Lotus

Dedicated to supporting your growth in every aspect of your life.

  • MIND

    Sessions with our practitioners and workshops enhancing your creativity keep the mind sharp.

  • BODY

    Functional Medicine services, Clinical Nutrition support and bodywork all keep the body healthy and strong!


    Awaken to your spirit’s potential with our transforming workshops and classes.

Transform  ::  Heal  ::  Awaken

Our focus at Lime and Lotus is to bring quality, professional healing arts services to the Charleston and Atlanta communities.  We offer both in depth one on one sessions with licensed holistic health care providers as well as group sessions and workshops that are designed to heal and transform your mind, body and spirit.  We believe that your full empowerment is only truly reached when all of these elements are in harmony.

Services Offered

We offer both individual and group services as well as ongoing workshops and special events.  Connect with us on social media or check out our calendar events for our latest offerings.

  • One on One Services

    We offer a number of one on one services including functional medicine services, clinical nutrition therapy, massage therapy, holistic counseling, and Reiki.

  • Group Workshops

    We offer a number of group workshops such as our Whole Food Detox Program, Women’s Natural Hormone Program,  and much more.

  • Creating Community

    We offer a variety of ongoing monthly programs like our Holistic Health Fair, Wine Down Wednesday, and Movie Monday!

  • Providing Support

    We offer community driven support based meetings such as our ongoing monthly Women’s Wellness Workshops.

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