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Dr. Melissa Kroll DC, PAK, NET, QNRT

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Phone number: (843) 640-0767

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About Dr. Kroll

I am a holistic chiropractor that offers patients and clients a unique, mind-whole body, approach to wellness.

With my insight I help the patient to uncover and address the root cause of symptom(s) on a structural, emotional, nutritional and energetic level using Applied Kinesiology and Frequency Medicine. I apply several healing methods including chiropractic adjustments, neurological rehabilitation, extensive work with functional medicine, supplemental and herbal care, and subconscious emotional mind/body medicine techniques. The mind/body/spirit connection, each as equally important to address, to truly allow the body to heal.

I work with you to find the imbalance within the body. Restoring your body to its state of balance, so you are built to thrive.

Symptoms such as, but not limited to: allergies, autoimmune conditions, migraines, emotional distress and traumas, digestion issues, aches/pains, skin conditions, chronic fatigue, hormonal dysregulation & ADD/ADHD. I believe that each individual is unique and I follow that approach with treating my patients and clients, to help guide you to be a healthier you.

I offer full body health and wellness care to keep you feeling as the Best You!


Services include: Applied Kinesiology, Quantum Neurology, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Functional Nutrition & Frequency Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Lebowitz Technique, Contact Reflex Analysis, Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy, and Theta Healing