School Lunches Made Easy … and Healthy

Healthy lunch packing tips for kids

Packing up lunches for the kids allows you to ensure that they eat the right kind of food instead of the ones from the typical lunch line which contains an overwhelming amount of salt and sugar. Healthy foods also let your kid’s body store nutrients allowing them to sustain the energy they need for the whole day. A lunch pack will also save you a couple of dollars which is great for your daily budget!

Here’s some easy steps to make your kids lunch pack easy to make, as well as nutritious, and delicious!

1.) A Lunch pack does not have to be elaborate. Keep it simple.  Having too many food choices in one lunch pack will have the kid to choose junk foods over healthy options.
2.) Include an array of foods from different groups such as dairy (yogurt), lean protein food (chicken), fruit and vegetables, healthy snacks like nuts and wholegrain sprouted starch (whole wheat bread, wraps). Getting different kind of nutrients from a variety of foods ensures your kids health is tuning into the healthy way.

3.) Always choose fresh foods from home. Packet foods are mostly processed therefore it contains too much  salt, sugar, and fats.

4.) Choose a healthy drink for your kids instead of the sugary ones. In a bottled water, you can load up water mixed with a bit of fruit juice or lemon juice squeezed right into the drink.

5.) Packed up foods that are easy for your kids to handle. Cut the vegetables into julienne or fancy shapes but keep their sizes from small to medium.

6.) Making lunch boxes for your kids is a great way for them to get involved; learn about healthy foods and the process of making them.