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Brenna Lake

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I am your friendly certified Somatica® Sex and Relationship Coach, trained in the Somatica® Method. I completed the rigorous and thorough Somatica®Core training, Somatica®Advanced training, & Somatica®Couples training to become a certified Coach. I continue to gain knowledge through life, my faculty role in Somatica, along with assisting and group leading in the Somatica® trainings every year.

After a devastating implosion of an 8 year long sexless relationship I felt like a failure in life and love so I began searching for answers. That is when I found Somatica. After completing the Somatica® trainings I learned and embodied that I am not a failure, everyone is different, we all want different things in life, love, and relationships. I wanted to share this sense of acceptance and self-love, that I learned to feel for myself, with others. So I began my coaching practice in 2015.

I have been an entrepreneur in Charleston, SC for 23 years. My office is located in one of the cozy spaces at Lime & Lotus, and has been for the last several years. I love seeing folks in person! I also offer online video sessions, and I’ve been doing online video sessions since 2015. So if you aren’t local and we cant meet in person please know that online video sessions work just as well!

I am a mother to 6 children ranging in ages from 20-28. I have 3 dogs & 3 cats, so I am both a dog person and cat person!  I want to share with you the valuable lessons and take aways I have learned, and continue to learn about Sex, Intimacy, & Relationships. After all no one teaches us how to be in relationship. So let me help you learn to teach people how to love you & connect with your desires.