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Lime and Lotus cares about your experience with us. Dr. Stephanie knows you come to transform :: heal :: awaken.

She works with you to do just that.

That is why Dr. Stephanie wants you to be able to get in touch with her, when you need to, easily and simply with her Online Client Scheduling by Rosy. You can use your tablet, phone or computer to book your appointment online right now.

Dr. Stephanie is online, because you’re online. Are you ready to go from just feeling fine, to living authentically and fulfilled? Dr. Stephanie is here to help you learn just how to do that. And you can book your appointment in the same stress-free environment that you enjoy when you visit in person.

She has invested in online client scheduling by Rosy with just one thing in mind: your convenience.

Lotus and Lime and Dr. Stephanie want to give you a quality experience with your online booking. It’s simple and easy. And you can rest assured that this is all done in a secure environment, we never share your data with anyone.

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